You are cordially invited as guests to my graduation

You have had to endure countless late nights editing my papers. Last minute requests to read 10,000-word essays. Feeding me, leaving a glass of water near me while I madly type my last minute assignment. Then put up with my grumpiness the next morning because I haven’t had any sleep.

You sat there quietly waiting until my promised play-at-the-park gets less and less likely. For years you have had to compete with Facebook for attention. You were happy just to be eating dinner next to me.

Yes, you who have given so much time already are now invited to sit for another 3 hours of your life – just to see my name on the screen for 30 seconds. 10 seconds for each year we’ve slogged together. You are cordially invited to my graduation so you can see that I waddle to the stage to receive a diploma which bears my name. Not yours. No, just mine. You will sit there patiently until you’ve seen 6,500 graduands and only then can we celebrate. Because you know, you haven’t done enough already.

But see, if you look closely at the fancy piece of paper you’ll see your name written a thousand times because the diploma deserves to bear your name. It will bear your name and we will all frame it together. It’s OUR graduation. It’s our Masters. And someday when I am studying another degree or doing my PhD I promise that’ll be ours too. Promise…

That’s all.

P.S. I’m writing this now because I’ve thought of it now. It’ll be lost if I wait until December to write it.


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